Don’t Overcomplicate Your Divorce Case, Hire A Chicago Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce can be a complicated thing.  Especially if you’re Christo Lassiter and Sharlene Boltz, divorced couple from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Not only have this couple been feuding over court hearings and paperwork for the last 20 years, they’re law professors!

According to Above The Law, 56 year old Christo is a professor of law and criminal justice at the University of Cincinnati and got his BA from University of Chicago.  Sharlene, 52, is a law professor at Northern Kentucky University with a BA from Brown.  Despite all of their experience and knowledge of the court system and law, the two educators have been in and out of courts for the last decade without showing any signs of wanting to mend their disputes in a professional or friendly manner.

Together the two of them have racked up more than 1,400 docket entries which are the official summaries of court proceedings (the norm is usually about 1,000 less than this).  Both parties have accused both the opposition and the court system itself for giving into irrational demands and manipulation without considering the peaceful option of coming to a sound agreement.

The ex-couple’s children are now 17 and 20.  Imagine growing up during this outrageous turmoil.

Choosing A Chicago Divorce Lawyer

Although this situation is a little out-of-the-ordinary (to say the least), it does show how Chicago divorce lawyer cases can get out of hand.  Granted most divorce cases won’t take years but if you’re dealing with one you’ll want to minimize the amount of excess stress and complication as much as possible.

Hiring a divorce lawyer in Chicago is a great way to limit the amount of disorganization and headache.  Among other things, the biggest reasons a divorce case can be come overly complicated are:

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If you have children together (especially if they’re young) your court time can be extended three fold.  A divorce case can become a child custody or support case.  Make sure your lawyer is aware of your children’s status so they can help you from the beginning.


Assets are the material items that you own.  These can become tricky if you split ownership.  Things like houses and cars can be difficult to manage.  Informing your Chicago divorce lawyer of all the possible assets you own or manage will help tremendously in making your case go a lot smoother.

Health Issues

The health of your spouse (or yourself) is rarer than the other complications but can play a serious role.  Some form of financial support might be entitled to the spouse or you may need extra care yourself.  Make your divorce lawyer aware of any situation like this so they can help you prepare the proper support.