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Finding the right divorce lawyer in Chicago for your case is an important first step and using a simple Google search is not a bad place to start. You might have even found this page that way! When you’re starting your divorce process, there is a lot to consider. A good Chicago divorce lawyer can mean the difference between a smooth divorce process and one that is rife with struggle and difficulty.

We’re so glad you found us at Touloupakis Aguirre LLC, a professional firm of divorce lawyers in Chicago, IL. If you’re wondering how to get started you can schedule a free phone consultation to talk with us as soon as possible or read below for 3 ways to get to know us better.

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The firm of divorce lawyers in Chicago IL specialize in divorce law which can entail a lot of different services including Legal Separation, Spousal Maintenance and Property Division. Depending on your situation, you may need help with one or all of these areas. Read more below to learn a little bit more about each of these.

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By visiting our attorneys page you can see more detail about each of the divorce lawyers in Chicago IL @ Read their bios, find out what certifications each one has and learn about their areas of expertise. You can also read our blog to see what law-related topics are important to us. Our goal is for you to know who you’ll be talking to when you decide to schedule that first consultation.

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At Touloupakis Aguirre LLC we offer a free phone consultation. This is your opportunity to not only get some initial advice about your case but also to interview our divorce lawyers in Chicago, IL. Ask us about our plan of action and what results we might expect to see. Our lawyers take this consultation seriously and use the time to better understand your situation and you as a person. The more in depth this initial conversation, the better the working relationship will be. Fill out the form below to schedule your free consultation.

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Divorce Law Services

Legal Separation

In the state of Illinois, couples are allowed the opportunity of a legal separation. In short this means they are still married to one another but are allowed to live separately. A proper legal separation outlines guidelines and rules pertaining to how the property, custody and support will divided and required for both parties. It must be noted that in a legal separation the couple are technically still married so without a proper divorce they will not be able to remarry.

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Spousal Support (Maintenance)

Although not guaranteed by separation agreement in court, the Chicago divorce attorneys at Touloupakis Aguirre LLC are experienced and skilled at securing proper compensation for the deserving spouse in a case led by divorce lawyers in Chicago IL. The amount of payment and the duration for which it will be paid are generally variable but our attorneys fight hard to not only establish payment for you but also fight to oppose payment to the client’s spouse. Contact one of our attorneys now to learn how we can help you.

Property Division

Determining a distribution of the assets during a divorce can be one of the most difficult processes of the case.  All assets must be accounted for and properly valued to determine a proper distribution.  The length of the marriage and the financial needs of the spouses play a significant role in how the distribution is decided.  When you meet with Chicago divorce lawyer, it will help you to have filled out the Inventory of Assets form which you can download here.  Visit our Property Division page to see what else is involved in this process.

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