Touloupakis Aguirre LLC is a full-service family, real estate, business law and litigation firm, encompassing every aspect of our clients’ personal, professional and business concerns.  Our expertise in areas such as litigation, transaction and business law means being able to provide strong guidance and advice in almost any legal situation
We have niche experience in legal matters involving Illinois family law, residential & commercial real estate law, banking, finance & creditors’ rights.  This unique skill set allows us to provide impactful legal services to our clients, resolving multiple issues that are often intertwined. We are able to leverage our internal resources, keeping cases in-house without the need to bifurcate a matter resulting in a more efficient resolution.
As one of Chicagoland’s successful boutique firms, Touloupakis Aguirre LLC is considered “Primus Inter Pares” – “First among equals” and has rightly earned the trust of its peers who often refer their clients to us. We also strive to form long-term relationships with our clients, who trust us to handle all of the legal issues they encounter in their lives. These relationships position us to approach cases with understanding of their context, leading to more effective strategies and desirable results.