Civil Unions

The Illinois Civil Union Act took effect on June 1, 2011 and establishes the parameters for civil unions in the state of Illinois. Under this law, any couple of the same or different sex may enter into an Illinois Civil Union. In addition, any couple, who has entered into a civil union or other similarly legal relationship in another state or country before June 1, 2011, will now have their legal relationship recognized as a civil union in the state of Illinois. Persons in an Illinois civil union have the same legal benefits and are subject to the same legal responsibilities as are married couples under Illinois law including the right to equitable division of the the partners’ assets and debts upon dissolution of the civil union, joint liability for family debts arising during the union, the right to seek maintenance upon dissolution of the union, and the right to seek custody, visitation and support orders for children born into the civil union. The new Illinois law governing civil unions also makes written agreements between the partners, similar to pre-nuptial agreements, enforceable.

Because a civil union is not a marriage, couples, who enter into an Illinois Civil Union, are afforded state rights, not any of the protections or benefits of federal law. Additionally, an Illinois Civil Union will be not be recognized in all states, countries, or jurisdictions. The attorneys at Touloupakis Aguirre llc have the background to assist couples either already in or considering a civil union fully understand their rights and responsibilities under this new law.

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