Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

While collaboration and cooperation are certainly preferable when a marriage dissolves, divorces are often contentious. Unless you have an experienced attorney with the capacity to be your strong advocate, your interests will not be protected in this often-turbulent transition.

At Touloupakis Aguirre, LLC, our client’s best interests always come first–from divorce petitions to post-decree modifications. Over many years, our firm has developed a reputation for strong advocacy in the courtroom and at the negotiation table, never compromising. Our role is to aggressively assert our client’s claims–whether to marital property or for more time with his or her children.

We take the most active position in ensuring that the divorce award or settlement meets our client’s needs.

Many clients are referred by other lawyers to Touloupakis Aguirre, LLC when it becomes clear that they need an effective strategy for a hot blooded divorce. We welcome these referrals and fight tirelessly for their interests.

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